16 November 2021

6 September 2021

Our Area Manager Europe, Mr. Emanuel Melinotti, will be present at the
Expodental Meeting in Rimini from 9-11 September 2021.
Contact him for more information at +32 477 29 44 93.

23 June 2021

In recent years, digitisation has accelerated worldwide in the dental sector. Traditional dental technology is keeping up with the rapidly evolving digital market.
In order to respond to this evolution, we are pleased to announce that we have added a series of CAD/CAM product references to our digital programme, complementary to the digital libraries. As the digital procedure does not require primary parts, the new product references only include those parts needed for further processing of the prostheses.
The new CAD/CAM references exist for the CEKA, PRECI-CLIX, PRECI-VERTIX and PRECI-HORIX range. By eliminating the primary parts, customers will benefit from a price reduction compared to the attachments for traditional techniques.
Look here for more information.
We would also like to remind you that the digital libraries of our attachments for , and are still available free of charge. Distributors and labs can request these libraries by completing our online form here.