1272 CC

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Cementable spherical male for extracoronal or bar applications. Male in TITANAX alloy (white, Ti-Al-V) to be cemented with CEKA SITE. To be used with all dental alloys. Replaceable yellow plastic PRECI-CLIX female (polyacetal) with normal retention. A red or white plastic female with increased or reduced retention is also available. Large and small elastic space maintainer as well as duplicating dummy for fabricating the suprastructure included.

Rotation/inclination freedom of the female: 10°
Spherical male: height 3.05 mm, ø 2.25 mm
Total height: 5.55 mm

- 1 yellow plastic female
- 1 cementable TITANAX male
- 1 space maintainer
- 1 duplicating dummy

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